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The MS/Phil program of the Department of History, UOL is within the same general structure as all undergraduate programs of the UOL and modeled on the same pattern as the other undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Social Sciences. It is a 2 year MS program leading to Ph. D. The mission of the Department is to develop a program with measurable objectives and outcomes so as to enable its students to capture their share of the job market and at the same time make value additions to the historical knowledge. A ladder system has been developed to enhance knowledge, skills, concepts, understanding and ability of abstraction of the students not only from one semester to the next but also within each semester. The compendium of courses has been structured to provide a strong base for higher level historical studies as well as a wide range of topics for practical use in the society.


Online Programs Advantage

Pedagogy: the program structure & delivery is designed keeping the work-life routine of professionals in mind

Convenience: flexibility to study as per your comfort & convenience, added advantage for the working professionals to pursue their education along with a full-time job

Interaction Level: with live interactive lectures, the learner can interact with their professors & fellow learners

Program Material: all the learning resources are provided through our LMS, which makes it available 24×7 so you can learn/study on the go.

Networking Opportunity: connect with various industry experts who share the same ambition of gaining the right knowledge. Interact with industry mentors & leaders

MS/M.Phil History 2-Years

1st Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSH 468 Research Methodology 03
2. MSH 469 Philosophy of History, Greek, Western and Muslims 03
3. MSH 470 A Specialized Study of Institution in Europe and Asia 03
4. MSH 471 History of Democracy 03


2nd Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSH 472 Political Movements in South Asia 03
2. MSH 473 Political Movements in Europe , America and Africa Since 1600 03
3. MSH 474 A Study of Foreign Relations of Arab Countries with Europe 03
4. MSH 475 Diplomatic Relations of Liberland with World Since 2015 03


3rd Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSH 476 Thesis 06


4th Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSH 477 Thesis 06

1st Semester: 12

2nd Semester: 12

3rd & 4Th Semester: 12

Total Credit Hours: 36


BS/M. A/16 years Education in Following Subjects with 60% Marks in Annual System and up to 2.5 CGPA in Semester System.

  1. Sociology
  2. Political Science
  3. Mass Communication
  4. Management Sciences
  5. International relations
  6. History
  7. Gender Studies
  8. Public Administration
  9. Education

Fee Structure

Semester Admission Processing Fee Registration Fee Tuition Fee Total Fee
I $ 30 $ 70 $ 300 $ 400
II $ 200 $ 200
III $ 300 $ 300
IV $ 300 $ 300
    Total   $ 1200


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Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 2 Years
Level: Advanced