MS Sociology


MS/M.Phil. Sociology is a research course in human society. The course provides a platform for students to carry out research in the study of human society; its development, functioning, and structure. Sociology as a subject includes many diverse topics relating to Humans and their society and other topics like crime, religion, family, state, division of race, social class, culture, social stability, radical change, etc.

The course focuses on teaching students about human society and the various ways in which humans interact with each other. It involves various studies and teaches students that they should apply these studies to social welfare, academic development of the society and for the developments in various other industries including the corporate sector. Sociology helps a student in understanding the Social, Religious, Political, Economic, and Government institutions in society.

Online Programs Advantage

Pedagogy: the program structure & delivery is designed keeping the work-life routine of professionals in mind

Convenience: flexibility to study as per your comfort & convenience, added advantage for the working professionals to pursue their education along with a full-time job

Interaction Level: with live interactive lectures, the learner can interact with their professors & fellow learners

Program Material: all the learning resources are provided through our LMS, which makes it available 24×7 so you can learn/study on the go.

Networking Opportunity: connect with various industry experts who share the same ambition of gaining the right knowledge. Interact with industry mentors & leaders


MS/M.Phil Sociology 2-Years

1ST Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSS 583 Research Methods 03
2. MSS 584 Theorizing Democracy, Equality, and Social Justice 03
3. MSS 585 Everyday Life and Its Horizons 03
4. MSS 586 Contemporary Class Analysis 03


2nd Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSS 587 Transnational Migration, Gender, and Identities 03
2. MSS 588 Art, Modernism, and the Public 03
3. MSS 589 Archaeology of Caste 03
4. MSS 590 Sociology of Civil War 03


3rd Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSS 591 Thesis 06

4th Semester

Sr.No. Course Code Name of Subject Credit Hours
1. MSS 592 Thesis 06

1st Semester: 12

2nd Semester: 12

3rd & 4Th Semester: 12

Total Credit Hours: 36


BS/M. A/16years Education in Following Subjects with 60% Marks in Annual System and up to 2.0 CGPA in Semester System.

  1. Sociology
  2. Political Science
  3. Management Sciences
  4. International relations
  5. History
  6. Psychology
  7. Gender Studies
  8. Public Administration
  9. Education

M.Phil. Sociology: Career Prospects

Candidates after completing this course can find employment in:

  • Academic institutions
  • Government organizations
  • NGOs
  • Community Welfare Organizations

The profiles currently are:

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Research Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • Acquisition Manager
  • PR Manager

Higher Studies

Those who want to study more can choose:

  • Ph.D. Sociology
  • Ph.D. Social Work
  • Ph.D. Social Sciences



Fee Structure 

Semester Admission Processing Fee Registration Fee Tuition Fee Total Fee
I $ 30 $ 70 $ 300 $ 400
II $ 200 $ 200
III $ 300 $ 300
IV $ 300 $ 300
    Total   $ 1200


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Enrolled: 35 students
Duration: 2 Years
Level: Advanced